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August 2020
Dr Joy Lyneham
Aug 11, 2020
Inside the Musician's Performance
Colette McCarthy & Jacquie Sherlock
Aug 18, 2020
Colette & Jacqui were previously Rotary Youth Exchange Students sponsored by RCME
Janette Etherington
Aug 25, 2020
Interplast - Repairing bodies/ Rebuilding lives
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So, this is how it is: stereotypical behaviour
Tak to wyglada: Zachowanie stereotypowe     هذه هي الطريقة النمطية: السلوك النمطي
So, this is who I am; And this is all I know    Celine Dion 1997        
Ros and Eugene Notermans were bespoke tailors and recently retired to South Queensland [that place you can walk around]. They hand made suits and shirts for many State and Federal politicians including our longest - serving Treasurer Peter Costello. Ros and Eugene are long - standing friends of ours, and Ros has taken to tailoring face coverings......
Fox hunting in Canada. And other exercises in English Language.
A reasonable person may ask is the topic relating to the actions of a humans [or humans] or alternatively the fox. What is the opinion of said le renard, I hear you ask?
What is the opinion of a person who hears a NSW 'Public Servant' state:
A:'some of this data [not these data] are anonomised and I appreciate the fact that the people [?] expect us to de - anonymise it [not these].
B: Allegations were made, yes. We are currently checking just who the alligator is......
[Conclusion: Our Victoria Police are better educated than NSW Police].
Ross Schweitzer presents
To attempt to judge the USA by viewing President Trump is akin to judging Australia by seeing Crocodile Dundee. Both are incorrect on two counts; they are stereotypes and second, they are the subject of ‘media’ management.
'Ross Schweitzer presents' is my new column. Editor Jim [and I] believe that le plumier, as a title, has been well and truly plucked.
It will be free of anything you can read elsewhere, or see on the television 'news'. There are always other matters of interest that you never knew you cared about; or for that matter had ever heard of in the first place.
Presience (n) 1325 - 1375; Middle English < Middle French <Late Latin scientia knowledge, equivalent to scient - (stem of sciéns) present participle of scíre to know + -ia
Participle: an adjective or complement to certain auxiliaries that is regularly derived from the verb in many languages and refers to participation in the action or state of the verb; a verb form used as an adjective. It does not specify a person or number in English, but may have a subject or object, show tense, etc., as burning, in a burning candle, or devoted, as in his devoted friend.
You heard it here first, Biggles. wink .....
The thoughts of the Feather Duster smiley
I was invited by President Sue [and subsequently Past President Jim Young] to contribute a column to our Bulletin beyond my tenure. It may or may not be weekly, depending on their wishes.
Last night's Changeover from the ZOOM aspect, was a triumph of tenacity over probability. As late as 5:10 PM we were uncertain of success, given the recalcitrance of the WiFi and the flat panel TV at CBs, assistance from three of their staff ...... In addition, the venue with so few people, has the acoustic qualities of a barn.
We knew that the sound quality was lousy, however this is a work in progress. The room is acoustically poor. We are using my $80 camera - sound unit. It's location is trial and error. We will probably be holding hybrid meetings well into the future ... Your understanding and support would be appreciated. No doubt we will perfect it a week before going back to TOORAK. I had the feeling that we were driving along the Great Ocean Road at speed, all the while navigating by utilising in the rear view mirror 😂....
With apologies to the late Leslie Townes Hope.
The 1948 movie ‘The Paleface’ contained within it prescient advice. Although I was only one Year old, and Rotary Mount Eliza was yet to exist, I should have paid attention. Indeed, I watched the movie more than once.

Le rapport inaugural de plumeau smiley

From March 13 2020 .....

Alarm was already rife in sections of the media, with ABC resident medical expert Norman Swan predicting 70-80,000 infections within weeks.

"No magic fairy will bring that down. 14-20 days behind Italy. Believe in maths not magic," he would tweet.


Alfie, with a non 70 to 80 - thousand victim. How good are trampolines!


Luckily for Alaylie and Eloise, les petites - filles  des plumeaux, the tooth fairy was not quarantined. heart


Allegory (n.)
A story, poem or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.
Back in the 1980s a number of vehicle models were released with digital displays. Sales people told the gullible that ‘digital readout is more accurate than analog’. This is demonstrably false; a digital display may be easier to read than an analog one. It can also be more distracting. My vehicle has a choice of two types of analog display and one digital, with each offering a variety of peripheral information and colours. Go figure...
Allegedly (adv.)
Used to convey that something is claimed to be the case or have taken place, although there is no proof.
A friend of mine, a Barrister and Solicitor at an International law firm told me this bon mot: In a court case, opposing counsel stood and addressed the Bench thus: 
Several allegations have been made against my client. I demand to know who the alligator [sic.] is.

Sigmund (Sigismund) Freud himself was not always right; ask Martha Bernays. 😂 Well she’s dead too.As is Carl Jung. *

I concede that John Gilbert may well have been a drinking buddy of these three, long - deceased experts.

Continuing my series of 'Stranger than fiction' articles, this story has been written by one of the senior residents of The Peninsula.
True Stories from WWii:  Bob Charlesworth. RAN [ret.] In his own words; as written by his daughter, Dr Avis Ridgway PhD, whom you know as one of our guest speakers.
Now, I'm betting that you think this is a contrived story from a 98 Year - old man; it is not. As you may determine, Bob's memory is beyond reproach. Mind you, with what happened to him, his Navy service is no doubt seared into his memory.
It reminds me of the tale of a psychiatrist who was going to charge $500 to help a sailor overcome his fear of Reds under the Bed. The sailor instead spent $10 and bought a saw from Bunnings.
People are victims of their own beliefs in how ‘things should be; or are’. You see on the news every day how ‘journalists’ have watched a presentation by [say] the Federal Minister for Health, then subsequently mis - report his remarks. I believe that this is primarily because ‘they’ are focused on a question they have been told to ask. 
They then hear neither what went before, neither the response. I can prove it. 
People are victims of their own beliefs in how ‘things should be; or are’. You see on the news every day how ‘journalists’ have watched a presentation by [say] the Federal Minister for Health, then subsequently mis - report his remarks. I believe that this is primarily because ‘they’ are focussed on a question they have been told to ask.
They then hear neither what went before, neither the response. I can prove it. 
The best humour is often drawn from contemporary Life.
For those of us who are amazed by ideas for curesremedies and ante diluvian alchemy, I offer you a choice of two narratives.
Both are true; it may be difficult for many to select the 150 Year - old one, from the one that is barely one week old. Presumably, some people will believe anything.  
Sometimes Humanity provides us all with introspection about those who hold themselves as Pillars of the Community, but are unwittingly, victims of their own folly. At least we, the Great Unwashed, draw amusement.
If you liked my recent advice about methylated spirit [ethanol w/w 90%] the other day; not to mention Brasso® and going blind, yet being sanitized [undertakers encourage this] read on ......
The nicest things happen when one is not used to expecting them.
Over the past months, the Chairmen of both Vocational and Youth have immersed themselves in facilitating a plethora of activities; for the benefit of students and our Community. We have been visited by candidates for MUNA, NYSF, Youth Exchange Overseas - Australia and more.
In addition, we have recognised outstanding citizens through our vocational awards.
These projects are regularly featured in The Bulletin and its predecessors. Most recently Chloe Holmes from Balcombe Grammar School [along with her parents Luke and Tess]. Chloe disappeared into Finnair. Actually it was QATAR.... Is joke, yes?
We decided to reproduce a couple of items of correspondence from beneficiaries [or near - beneficiaries].
The Gippsland Fires:
Hand - made, limited edition hand - knitted Elves. In support of the Rotary District 9820 Fire Response.
For mental health support of all those affected by 'The Fires'

Playgrounds are evident from the earliest times of structured settlements. The concept of how they can be of benefit to children has developed gradually; and have usually been controlled by ‘grown ups’ not children.
Who'd a thunk it? 
The phrase Who'd a thunk it? was coined way back in the 1930s and '40s by Mortimer Snerd, a ventriloquist dummy voiced by vaudeville star Edgar Bergen. Mortimer was a likeable character, but buck-toothed, slow-witted, and famous for saying, "Duhhh."Some of our senior Members will remember this.....
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